Bold and beautiful floors
Bold and beautiful floors
Colourful carpets and statement rugs are back! Richard Fidler finds out how you can transform your living space with dramatic flooring
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Maybe it was the dark days of winter and the recession; or maybe it is just fashion doing a 360 degree turn. Whatever the reason, it is time to get ready for an explosion of colour over a floor near you.

Walk into any carpet store and behold the bold, bright carpets and rugs on offer. Not so long ago, they were all tucked away at the back, but now they are coveting all the showcase positions.

Likewise, step through the front door of your uber-cool friend’s house and what do you see? Vibrant, warm and welcoming carpets – all a far cry from the minimalist neutrals beloved of the noughties.

Victoria Redshaw, Trend and Colour Expert at Fun on the Floor (, says it is all about colour and personality.

“Now’s a great time to banish beige blandness and start putting some personality back into our home after the difficulties of the recession,” she says.

“You can achieve this with injections of bold painted colour blocking, infusions of statement, patterned wallpaper and textiles, eclectic mixes of vintage and contemporary furniture, and global fusions of accessories.

“This brings rooms to life, adds character, and stops our homes looking like soulless show houses. Carpeting can play a significant part in this. It offers one of the biggest opportunities to add colour, pattern and texture to any room, so don’t leave it as an afterthought.”
Changing the colour of your carpet has an immediate effect on how a room, and the rest of your home, will feel, says Victoria. “Carpet can help forge a relationship between a room’s furniture, walls, lighting and window treatments, pulling the décor together.

“It’s the simplest single purchase you can make to completely update, refresh and transform any room in your home,” she adds. “Be brave in your decorating choices and express your own unique personality through the décor of your home.”

Interior designer Adrienne Chinn ( says flooring design has literally been flipped on its head. “For the last 10 to 15 years it has all been about wood floors and plain, beige carpets. I think what goes around comes around. Now people have got bored and I have clients asking me to incorporate coloured carpets and rugs into their designs.

“I’m working on a contemporary house at the moment where the clients want wall-to-wall carpets throughout their dining and living area. We’re using a pattern motif around the edge of the room.”

The cost of carpets has rapidly declined in recent years and even custom-made designs are not as expensive as people might think, says Adrienne.

“They are far more affordable than many people imagine. The great thing is we can show clients a potential design on a computer and how it will actually look in a particular room which has encouraged people to be adventurous.

“And the colour doesn’t have to be everywhere,” she adds. “For instance, in a dining room, you can have a fairly neutral carpet with a surprising, colourful area underneath the table.”

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