Protect Your Home From Flooding...
Protect Your Home From Flooding...
According to the Environment Agency, around 5 million people in England and Wales live in areas vulnerable to flooding. Last summer, areas that had not flooded for decades were swamped as torrential rain and flash floods put homes and businesses below water.
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Recent climate change means that it is no longer just those who live next to rivers, near the sea or on flood plains who are at risk from the forces of nature. Consequently, as extreme weather conditions increase in regularity we must provide individuals with modern solutions to protect their properties.

Previously, in the event of a flooding emergency and in the absence of a viable alternative, councils have issued traditional sandbags despite recognising their inherent limitations. Now, fortunately, due to advances in technology there is a real alternative to old-fashioned hessian sandbags and dozens of councils have already switched to the new improved hi-tech development in flood bags: FloodSax®. FloodSax® are about the size of a small pillow, weigh less than a kilogram and are filled with a semi-porous inner liner that contains hundreds of superabsorbent crystals. Upon contact with flood water, the crystals expand to over 200 times their original size and weight to block the water flow into your home or office. Director Lynn Dare of The CoGri Group used FloodSax® to successfully protect over £360,000 worth of warehouse equipment and commented: The FloodSax® really saved the day. There was a raging torrent but the FloodSax® sacks held it back from our door. Last year we were flooded badly and had to put in a £250,000 insurance claim. This time we’ve been able to continue to function as normal.

When dry, FloodSax® are flat, light weight, vacuum packed units; they are easily stored in your home or office space and have a shelf life of 5 years, unlike 3-6 months for sandbags. Unlike cumbersome sandbags, FloodSax® are light, easily moved and can be deployed by an elderly person at a moment’s notice and can be readily deployed as soon as flooding commences, whereas, in the majority, sandbags are passed out by Local Authorities after the flooding has started, and often this is too late to prevent the majority of damage. In fact, they are so compact that in an emergency, hundreds could be delivered to a flood site in a single car.

FloodSax® also have a considerably longer lifespan than sandbags, which start to break down and become useless after just a few months. FloodSax® can be used for up to five years and will not deteriorate leaving an unsightly trail of sand behind. With this in mind, FloodSax® can be used inside or outside and will conveniently mould into any shape to create a makeshift dam.

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