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A Stylish Sleep
A Stylish Sleep

Anna Smith talks to experts to find out the latest trends in the bedroom.

Bedrooms are no longer just a place for shut-eye. They’re luxurious rooms where you can relax, read, socialise and unwind after a hectic day. That’s why it’s so important to create a stunning and enjoyable space to retreat, whenever you like.

And with help from the statement wallpapers, stylish storage solutions and bright colour splashes of 2011, bedrooms are going to be the highlight of the house.

Clever Storage

Storage space can be an issue regardless of the size of your property. If you have a lot of room, you need grand furniture to fill the area. If space is tight, your wardrobe selection is crucial to making sure your bedroom is free from clutter. But now there’s even more storage - under the bed.

“Storage is still an important issue for bed buyers and we’ve noticed frames with space-saving systems are going down a storm,” says Simon Williams, Marketing Manager of Bensons for Beds. “Smaller bedrooms result in more bedroom clutter but you should never underestimate the potential storage space beneath your bed.

“A frame like Brooklyn (£449.99 for a double) where the entire slatted base raises by hydraulic action to reveal a massive storage area is ideal to stow bulky items such as bedding and suitcases.”

And it’s not just the Christmas decorations you can hide away. Sue Killick, bed buyer for Furniture Village says:

“There has been a growing trend of incorporating technology into bedroom furniture and our new Park Lane TV bed with super slim foot-end and latest HD TV (double bedstead, £2,495) is a great way to enjoy your favourite programme in the sanctuary of your bedroom.”

Fitted wardrobes are also making a comeback in 2011, like the floral made-to-measure sliding door system from the Titan range at Spaceslide (from £290.70).

Under Foot

Harvey Booth, UK Sales Manager at Kährs, says wood floors are an incredibly popular choice for the bedroom. “They provide an easy-care surface that doesn’t harbour dust and, unlike many other smooth surfaces, are naturally warm – as well as tactile – under foot.”

Year-on-year, oak is a constant in both traditional and contemporary homes, as are dark stains, which bring rich, ruddy brown tones or an almost dark, tropical look. But the real change is the growing interest in paler stained oaks.

“Contemporary grey hues and white washes are keenly sought by designers and consumers, on both traditional one-strip boards and patterned wood floors,” says Kährs designer Stina Andersson. “Our new Coastal, Artisan and Supreme ranges provide natural finishes in striking pale tones, including pearly white, oyster, slate and silver hues.”

Stone is a less common, but ever more popular flooring choice. But if you’re worried stone or wood flooring is too cold for a bedroom, underfloor heating may be the answer.

“Stone floors efficiently absorb and store heat making them particularly well suited to underfloor heating. Stone will gradually release its heat, even after the heating has been switched off,” says Jose Cortizo of Devon Stone.

Soft and Pure

“One of the crucial trends for John Lewis in 2011 is Puritan, which evokes a clean, pared down or even utilitarian spirit,” says Fiona Caulfield, Buyer of Bed Linens for the John Lewis Partnership. “Wood, a washed-out colour palette of natureinspired shades, and unadorned yet beautifully made fabrics, are key.”

John Lewis’s Pima bed linen costs £80 for a double sheet and £140 for a double duvet, while the 100 per cent cotton Anastasia range, from Christy, is subtle and sophisticated (£89 for a double duvet).

Designer furniture manufacturer Daval has also gone for soft, muted shades in their Rio and Garda bedroom (around £3,000). The range features sumptuous gloss brown, grey and walnut. Each piece of furniture is made to measure and the behind-the-bed cupboards offer function and style.

Colour Splash

If pale and subtle tones don’t cut it, you’ll no doubt love a bright, bold colour scheme in your bedroom sanctuary. A statement chair in loud fabric or block colour window blind is enough to make a bedroom stand out from the crowd. The roman blind in Tangerine, from £74.38, at The Fabric Box, contrasts with bright bedding. While a bespoke chair, hand-crafted in the highest quality fabric by Sara Pomfret, Founder of Raines & Willow, is the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

Alternatively, if it’s just a streak of colour you’re after, the Neville Johnson Pure Bedroom Concept with white gloss and green accentuated furniture (from £4,000) is striking yet understated.

For a subtle splash of colour in your bed linen, the Luca range from Feather & Black (from £16) is made from 100 per cent pure cotton and a superior 300 thread count.

In The Zone

Another trend emerging is the ‘zoning’ of space in your bedroom. Jamie Dean, Betta Living’s Head of Design, advises: “Separate sleeping, entertainment and dressing spaces within one bedroom by using contrasting flooring; porcelain tiles in the dressing area and plush carpet with thick pile rug in the sleeping zone to define each space.

“Similarly, introduce floor-level, fitted furniture to create different levels for each zone. Or if you want to keep the space a little more open and spacious, use glass panelling instead.”

The Betta Living’s Cassia range starts from £1,300 for an average size room.